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About the gallery

The Aboriginal Art & Instruments Gallery is one of the many galleries in Amsterdam. Nevertheless, it is the one and only gallery that provides a program of International exhibitions focussing on Aboriginal art from Australian Aboriginal artists.

Since the establishment in 1996 we also have developed a reputation within Europe for our fine art. The gallery focusus on Aboriginal artists from the Australian Central Desert but allso represents artist from other regions such as Arnhem Land and Cape York Peninsula. By maintaining close and personal contact with the artists and their representatives enables us to buy direct from the artist guaranteeing the Autheticity of the paintings and avoiding the cost of the middle man. We travel in Australia every year for a periode of 3 months to collect and search for new (fine) art, encouraging (new) Aboriginal artists for public awareness of their culture within Europe.

Artists supporting this gallery includes Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, Billy Stockman Tjapaltjarri, Timmy Payungka Tjapangati, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, Belinda Munungurr, Dr. George Tjapaltjarri, Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjirri, Ray James, Ningurra Napurrula, Thomas Tjapaltjirri, Johnny Warangkula, Jimmy Ross, Narpula “Scobie” Napurrula, Johnny Scobie Tjupurrula, Eunice Napangardi, Janet Forrestor, Turkey Tolson Tjapurrula, Dennis Tjakammara, Paddy Fordham, Tony Tjakamarra, Pansy Napangardi, Mary Dixon Nungurrayi, Colin Dixon, Eunice Napangardi, Ruby Napangardi, Josie Petrick, George Bush, June Granites Napanangka, Rosslyn Briscoe, Lilly Kelly, Rosemary Carter, June Bird Nangala, Judi Napangardi, Peter Leura Tjungurrayi, Carrol Coombos, Jelly Nangala, Joseph Jurra Tjapaltjarri George Ward and many more.

We provide a photograph with the artist and the painting (sometimes working photographs), a documented description of the Dreamtime story or Dreamwork of the art and a certificate of Authencity. Some of the Aboriginal communities provide a certificate themselves. In that case no further documetntation is provided by the gallery.

Aboriginal Art & Instruments - Paleisstraat 137 - 1012 ZL Amsterdam - Tel +31 (0) 20 4231333 - Fax +31 (0) 20 4941965