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Bridging the Past exhibition starting on Saturday April 22nd.

We would like to invite you to the opening of the 'Bridging the Past' exhibition on Saturday April 22nd till June 11th. at our Aboriginal Art & Instruments gallery in Amsterdam.

The 'dreamings' in the exhibition are paintings created by aboriginal artists from the Papunya Tula Art Movement from Australia's Central Desert. The painting style used by these artists derives directly from the knowledge of traditional body and sand painting associated with ceremony. This knowledge in the form of art has been handed down for many thousands of years to the present day.

Some of the paintings are from a clan called 'The Last Nomads' who were the last to leave a remote part of the desert and swap their traditional nomadic lifestyle for modern civilization.

The work of the Papunya Tula artists, with its high standard of finish and its unmistakable and powerful style is very highly regarded, which has resulted in Papunya Tula artists being represented in most public galleries, major museums, institutions and many large private collections within Australia, as well as overseas.

We know you will enjoy this unique exhibition and hope to welcome you in our gallery on April 22nd. The exhibition will continue in the gallery until June 11th.

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