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Aboriginal Art & Instruments was founded in 1996 by Melle Smit. Inspired by a passion for Aboriginal culture and didgeridoo-music, he left Amsterdam in 1995 for a three month journey across Australia, where he soon made contact with aborginals from several families and communities. He noticed that the quality of the didgeridoos he came across was much higher than what he'd seen so far in Europe, which brought him to the idea of importing and selling them back home in Amsterdam.

Aboriginal Art & Instruments first opened its doors in 1996 in the Spuistraat, where a modest space sheltered a small collection of didgeridoos and some aboriginal paintings. The shop turned out to be a big success, with musicians from all over the world coming especially to Amsterdam for the quality and diversity of Melle's didgeridoo collection.

Acting on the musicians comments and reactions, Melle decided to enhance the quality of his didgeridoo collection even more. He started treating the instruments with a special coating which makes them resistant to the European climate, participated in field trips searching for eucalypt trees in order to get the best pick from the bunch, and worked along in the construction of the instruments, which enabled him to check the instruments on musical quality during the entire manufacturing process.

Meanwhile Melle's interest in Aboriginal Art, and specifically central desert paintings, intensified. He traveled through the desert in search of communities that produce the paintings, and met several famous artists along the way. Nowadays Melle maintains close ties with the artists and their representatives, and the art has obtained a prominent place in his shop.

To cater for his rapidly expanding collection of instruments and art, Melle moved to a larger shop in the spring of 2000, just around the corner in the Paleisstraat, where he now has over a hundred square meters of exhibition space. He also acquired a spacious studio in the north of Amsterdam, where beginners and advanced workshops take place every two weeks. Additionally, Melle organizes the 'Do The Didgeridoo Jam' sessions along with Lies Beijerinck in the Badcuyp once a month, he organises Aboriginal Art exhibitions and regularly performs as guest musician on concerts, exhibitions and special events.

Melle currently spends at least 3 months a year in Australia, looking for the finest quality didgeridoos, aboriginal art and artefacts and meeting people from all over the country. However, the shop remains open throughout the year.

Our address:

Aboriginal Art & Instruments
Paleisstraat 137
1012 ZL Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +(31) 20 423 1333
Fax: + (31) 20 494 1965

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Opening hours:

Tuesdays - Saturdays 12:00 - 18:00
Sundays 14:00 - 18:00

The shop is closed on mondays

old shop
Aboriginal Art & Instruments first gallery
timmy payunka and melle
Melle with Timmy Payungka Tjapaltjarri
new shop exterior
Front of the new gallery
map detail

Aboriginal Art & Instruments - Paleisstraat 137 - 1012 ZL Amsterdam - Tel +31 (0) 20 4231333 - Fax +31 (0) 20 4941965