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Our staff

All Aboriginal Art & Instruments staff members are skillfull didgeridoo players and teachers.
Many of them have been playing the didgeridoo since the early nineties and have an affinity with Aboriginal Australia.

Lies Beijerinck our oldest member has been giving workshops & concerts for AA&I all around the world since our establishment in 1996.
Many good didgeridoo players have worked for AA&I, even famous Australian players like Alan Dargin and Michael Jackson.
The owner Melle Smit is a specialist in making didgeridoos and has been designing his own instruments that make make traditional and advanced didgeridoo playing easy.
You can read more about the selecting and making proces in ‘The difference’.

Our staff
Jouke Lies Melle

Obviously when choosing an instrument in our gallery you will be assisted in finding the instrument that fits your specific needs.

Other staffmembers of AA&I:
Michiel Tijgeler (didgeridoo companion of Lies)
Jouke Kooistra (Yogi)
Jasper, Max, Sjaak, Marcel, Henry, Alex, Menno, etc.

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