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Workshop dates

These dates only include AA&I workshops and are held in our spacious studio in the north of Amsterdam, which can be found here. The classes last three hours, and cost € 45,- per person, including refreshments and the use of a didgeridoo. A passepartout for three workshops costs € 100,-. Classes can hold a maximum of eight people, so be sure to sign up in time. For dates, times and details, check below. If you want to enlist, just click the date of the workshop and you will be taken to a page where you can enter your data. You can also enlist at our shop, call us at +31 (20) 423 1333, or send us an e-mail.

Beginners workshops

In the first half of our beginners classes a wide variety of basic techniques will be discussed, which are necessary for building a solid foundation for various playing skills, and which will serve as a warming up for circular breathing. These techniques include playing the didgeridoo using the cheek and breathing muscles, which is essential for circular breathing, simple lip and tongue movements, and vocal and throat sounds. After a short break, during which refreshments are served, we will use the entire second half of the workshop for explaining and practising circular breathing in five easy steps.

Dates for beginners workshops:

June 1st (14:15 - 17:15) - 8 seats available, given by Lies Beijerinck
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May 29th (14:15 - 17:15) - 6 seats available, given by Lies Beijerinck
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Advanced workshops

When attending our advanced workshops, it is required that you have already mastered circular breathing. During these classes, we will focus on basic and more advanced playing techniques in relation to rhythm and composition. We will discuss and practise techniques that involves the use of jaw, diaphragm, stomach and tongue muscles, which will allow you to produce a wide variety of tones and accents, as well as a more powerful and voluminous sound. Later on in the workshop, we will analyze a piece of didgeridoo music, cut it in pieces and discuss and practise its individual elements. Once there is a clear understanding of the rhythm and accents of the composition, we'll put it back together and play it, allowing plenty of room for variation and improvisation. The advanced workshops will not only greatly increase your playing skills, but you will also have a clear insight in composing your own didgeridoo music.

Dates for advanced workshops:

July 10th (14:15 - 17:15) - 8 seats available, given by Lies Beijerinck
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Extra advanced workshops

When attending the extra advanced workshop, it is advisable to have mastered circular breathing using separately the jaw, cheeks, belly/diaphragm and tongue. During this class, we will combine advanced playing techniques, ways of circular breathing and trumpet tones to improve your compositions and increase your playing tempo. Fast rhythms like the wobble and the double jaw will be explained in steps, analysed with the circular breathing incorporated. To make these wonderfully fast techniques understandable. We also will practice and discuss the possibilities of making accents in these rhythms. The last part of the workshop we will focus on what Lies calls ‘Funky Stuff’, on how to play human beat box like rhythms, in this part three ways of trumpet tones will be discussed and practised. The extra advanced workshop will not only greatly increase your technical abilities as a player but will also make you a more versatile and faster player and will give you an inside on how limitless didgeridoo playing really is.

Dates for extra advanced workshops:

There are currently no workshops.

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