Aboriginal Art & Instruments
Our didgeridoos are selected on their musical quality and appearance to fulfill the demand of professional musicians. Every year we spend three months in Australia with skillful didgeridoo manufacturers, which allows us to purchase the finest instruments available. Throughout the years we have met a number of aboriginal artist that currently work for us, providing us regularly with beautifully decorated didgeridoos. These instruments are inspected by us before they are painted in order to ensure their musical quality and durability. All of our instruments are made of termite hollowed eucalypt and are specially treated to prevent damage inflicted by climate changes. This process of selection and treatment is quite unique and guarantees the quality of our instruments. Alan Dargin, Ganga Giri and Mark Atkins are among our satisfied customers.
didgeridoos rack
didgeridoo collection Additionally, Aboriginal Art & Instruments organizes jam sessions and workshops for all grades of musicians. Find out more about them here.

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