Aboriginal Art & Instruments
Aboriginal Art & Instruments organizes a variety of didgeridoo workshops on a regular basis. Hosted by Lies Beijerinck, one of Holland's most talented performers, the courses will give you an insight into the instrument and will develop your playing skills. Beginners workshops introduce you to the digeridoo and cover basic techniques like circular breathing. More advanced workshop will further improve your musical skills. A large selection of our instruments will be available to participants, and guest tutors include internationally acclaimed performers like Alan Dargin, Ganga Giri and Mark Atkins. The workshops are held in our studio in the north of Amsterdam. Find out more about dates here, or subscribe to our mailing list for up to date information.
didgeridoo workshop class
Mark Atkins explains the class
about circular breathing
Alan Dargin and Melle
pay close attention
While the class practises, Mark
concentrates on their performance
Every second thursday of the month, Aboriginal Art & Instruments organizes the Do The Didgeridoo Jam at the Badcuyp venue in Amsterdam, where we join local musicians like Rasta Robert, Michiel Teijgeler and Lies Beijerinck. We always bring out a set of didgeridoos of various tone and volume for those interested in playing with us, and have persuaded musicians like Charlie McMahon, Alan Dargin and Mark Atkins in jamming along.
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